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Heard this idea listening to sports radio on way to New Orleans to see Anders Osborne.
You have 3 seats at your table. Who would you invite to dinner. Living or dead or both
I picked Bukowski Andy Kaufman and Keef.

Bob Dylan the Dalai Lama and Gen G Custer never made (though it would have been fun to see those guys goof on Custer.
Manson is currently dating a hot chick (google it) so if the # of guests gets bumped to 4, I'm down.

Interesting idea. Reminds me of those audio dinner recordings Andrew Wylie (??) did at William Burroughs "Bunker" in NYC in the 70s. I think it'd be pretty wild to be 3-4 cocktails in sitting with Inspector Lee, Lou Reed, Blondie, Warhol, etc.

I'll have to think about it. But I can guarantee you a late 60s/early 70s Grace Slick will be there.

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i know who i wouldn't want - what a bore they'd be...

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And in the end...
Wyndham Lewis, Christopher Hitchens, Arthur Miller, Dorothy Parker, oh and Brad Pitt (for dessert) that might not be 3.

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