What I'm having for dinner.

hank solo

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What with?

I made a sort of Spanish Omelette, with a nice green salad.


I'm on my 3rd big mug of chilled merlot...
you know,
the real fancy vintage out of a 5l box.

(Then maybe later on,
perhaps an expensive restaurant->
one with a salad bar and free coke refills....
if I have enough $ after I buy more smokes)
Not sure what's for dinner tonight. Going over my mother-in-laws house for dinner and she's Guatamalan, coincidently, my wife is, also. She makes good stuff and sometimes it's something I never had before.
Yeah, but the raviolis have to be eaten. They were from last week at her mom's, so these are like Guatamalan raviolis so maybe they have pork or Guatamalan peacock in it or something. But I put the pork down from the freezer so it should be used up but the weekends coming. And what the hell is Bapao?
No, it's now a club call Kilroy's but they still have blues music, it's been fixed up a bit.

I googled bapao, interesting.

Just had a gyro sandwich with curly fries for dinner and it was delicioso.
I don't know what the hell that is either.

Went to the Jamaica Plain's World fair today and got a Jamaican Patty to go for dinner, last night we ate at a Thai restaurant.

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I fried some onions, and threw in some frozen vegetables. Trader Joe's makes some microwave rice. I threw that on top.

For desert I ate some tofurkey italian sausage tofu dogs.

To drink, I had decaf coffee.

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this is the most ridiculous, silly, pointless, self-indulgent thread ever to appear in this forum! I'm truly offended.

p.s. - i had barbecued hotdogs and indian corn :o
I totally agree with, this must be put to a stop.

Had the leftover Thai food, yellow chicken curry with white rice, some peas and a corn on the cob.

Oh, and 4 beers and a couple of shots of Jagermeister later. Seems I have tomorrow off. Glee.
I drink beer mostly but have jagermiester a night or two and black russians along with beer a night or two along with the beer.

Drink a lot of water, also. A couple of diet pepsi's a week, a couple of rbc root beers and some rubyred (of course) grapefruit juices also.
Well, we're moving in three weeks, gotta clean out the fridge. That's it for the pork chops, I believe. Tonight is Slime Fest (see other thread) and they'll be deli platters, pasta, pizza and salad.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on any important changes.


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Well, we're moving in three weeks, gotta clean out the fridge.
Just went through that too. Been in the new place for a week and there's still nothing to eat there. How the hell did we accumulate 15 bottles of salad dressing at the old place?

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I also just moved. Five times in the last year.

If you move more than three times, best to put everything
in the yard, and just burn it.
How was the party of last friday, and what was on the menu?

It was seriously one of the most fun nights of my life. It ws an interesting mix of my younger friends in the punk bands with older friends from other walks of life.

The menu was subs, wraps, pizza and ziti.

Lots of Heineken and Jagermeister for me.

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