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For anyone who is interested, I have decided to open submissions for a new journal of poetry and prose. I ordered some red acetate today and purchased a tool for cutting large holes. I still need to source some thick, black card with a rough texture that will take oil-based ink, if anyone has any suggestions? I'm hoping this will look and feel nice as well as being an excellent read.

Anyway, here's the waffle to spread your jam on...

Pig Ear Press is pleased to announce that it is opening submissions for Hanzir, a new publication of poetry and prose. If you have any poems or a short story that you think would be enjoyable to readers then please follow the below guidelines.
Write your poem(s) or short story. Send it to [email protected] with ‘Hanzir Submission’ and your name in the heading. Attachments will not be opened, so paste text in the body of an email. If you have special formatting requirements then just let me know.
- No more than three poems.
- No more than one short story of 1,500 words or less.
- No simultaneous submissions.
Accepted authors will receive one contributor’s copy.
The deadline for submissions is 28th February 2018. You will receive a decision by two weeks from the closing date at the latest. No feedback will be provided, just a polite yes or no.
Thank you for listening,
Mr. Lally
Thank you for beating me to the punch :) Yes, it has indeed gone on sale and it does indeed feature Mr Hines with a new story, Alexander Adams with a new poem and several other folks who may be known around these parts. I've gone for a school copy book meets 80s sex club look, with the use of red thread and red acetate, as well as a glory hole in the back.

Hanzir means pig in Maltese (technically it's ħanżir, but phonetically it is pronounced Hanzir and my Maltese is so poor it doesn't really matter...to me). I could call issue 2 Widna, which means ear.

Thank you to anyone who decides to buy an issue.


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