Happy Birthday strangegirl (1 Viewer)

Best wishes to you Kim !

If I were in Frisco, I'd buy you a pitcher of beer,
but you'll have to settle for some delicious cyber-cake.

happy birthday kim! it's my birthday today too, along with my good pal Jerry Garcia.

gonna have a glass of Wedge Brewing beer and a hike on the blue ridge mts to celebrate...
Wow thanks everyone. This made the day extra special. :)
It was very cool to log in and the first thread that came up was this.
Much Appreciated.
And Happy Birthday to you Mr Cunningham.

Happy birthday from black swan and me, Kim!

How old are you now?

My Mom told me once women never age passed 29.
So at 29 I stopped counting. But I will say I feel very good for my age.
Strangegirl and Cunningham !​

(No panic, dudes. I've not collected my smilies again, I've just picked that one in Mr Love's birthday thread. No return of the wriggling smilies for now. But maybe one day...:D ).

How old are you now?
A gentleman isn't supposed to ask that to a lady ! :D
That just reminds me of a little anecdote a few weeks ago. I myself asked a newly made friend how old she was and she was surprised by this question, telling me with embarrassment that it was not a thing to be asked and then whispering me she was 27. I was very amused, I'm not a guy, just a female friend, and her age is not a big age ; what a mannered girl she is !
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Happy Birthday to the strange girl who lived in the loft of the recording studio, or something like that. Truly I mean to say,"Kim, have a wonderful happy birthday with ice cream and chocolate cake".
Thank you for the good vibes and wishes. It made my day once again. Cheers to all.
I am still here, just very busy lately, but I am definitely still around. Trying to balance it all.
I'm going to pop open a very nice Cabernet now and sip slowly.

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