hay people! im new here (1 Viewer)

there are no words good enough to tell what i feel about the man,
happy to be here and celebrate buk's B day tomorrow!!
i have some buk's illustrations i did, its attached

buksab01.jpg buksab02.jpg
The one with the woman over his shoulder looks more like him than most renderings that I have seen and it seems to capture his spirit well.


excellent stuff, ravitz. well done.
I like the second one very much.
welcome to the forum.
I couldn't agree more. Welcome and thanks for sharing the great drawings. And I agree ... the first one is cool but the second one is GREAT.
Hearty welcomes to ya ravitz.

But, shit man (woman? I don't know yet) on drawings like the one above my post here, could you please put a NSFW next to it. If my boss just happened to be walking by.... fuuuuuuuck.

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