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Hi im Sean. 33 years old from a small town called Penrith in the north of England.
I picked up a copy of Post Office about 5 years ago and within a week had read also read Factotum and Women. Since then read the rest of Buks novels and i am now making my way through the short stories,poems etc.
First came on here about a month ago to find out where i could find The Shoelace, then again this week because i wanted to know what happend to the HB edition of Absence of the hero! wish i had joined sooner because i would of liked a HB or signed copy of Pamela Wood's Scarlet!
Before this week i was rather pleased with my small but growing Bukowski collection,but after a day or so reading various posts i realised i have a long way to go and really need a lottery win!
Great to be a part of this. Sean

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