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Heat Wave (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
anyone want to sell this to me? i ask, because this book gets ragged on a lot for being ugly, and i know a few members here have one... so maybe someone who isn't too attached wants to make a quick sale? i, for one, disagree that this book is ugly and would really like to own a copy. if you have one you don't want, send me a PM, and maybe we can make a deal.
i'd also be open to trade lettered copies of open all night and night torn mad with footsteps for it.
that's the one that got me thinking... but i'd rather trade with someone if possible. or get a better price :).
I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy it on eBay, only to find that in the time between I opened the item's page and clicked "Buy It Now," someone already bought it. This has been a shitty night for my book collection... first Ham on Rye and now this.

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