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Love Bukowski for a long time. I was introduced when a teenager, by my very cool cousin (who I later had to put on a greyhound, headed for California, to save him from his imminent self destruction from booze and drugs in NYC).

Anyway, he's still one of the coolest and honest people I've ever known.
Thanks all. Yes, I'm living in Queens.

Sorry for the delay in answering.

Was your very cool cousin formerly a Serbian Orthodox Priest?
No. He was a club crawler from the early 80's. Mud Club, CBGB's, etc. But, enlightened at an early age. He never realized how together he really had it all the years of his youth. Originality and non conformity isn't really considered an asset by most even today.

Dude. That's awesome.

Thanks. I hate everything I write.

For bospress:


I consider myself more of a cunt, really.

Welcome to the family. We'll teach you the secret handshake and send you out a packet of money saving coupons within the next 30 days...
funny stuff...

That's some good poetry you've got there Carterofmars. I especially liked the one on remembering...or forgetting.
finally reaching that cantankerous point in the life where i wanna read some groovy stuff. buk is out there, tellin it like it is. life can be a bitch, not fru-fru with daffodil petals. i'm rocking on Women right now. screw, write, sleep, puke, repeat...
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