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welcome anna, from a fellow Canadian.
say no to drugs, yes to Buk.
there's lots to enjoy here.


Not read nor write
In my country, we used the word 'crack' for the best soccer players. 'He's a crack' we use to say. It's an old word (we used it since 1930) and has nothing to do with drugs.

Welcome anna101!
20 year old girls that like bukowski deserve a medal. there simply arent enough of them. i just got my girl into buk and now shes twice the smoke-show she was prior. bukowski + girl = smoke.

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Abord the Yorikke!
Hello Anna, I am also canadian
and did not know that Buk was my crack,
but okay , since you put it that way,
I can relate.
and tell us what you have been reading.
you could also write it on a very tight, belly-free t-shirt. and post pics here wearing it. hehe.

lol roni.
watch i actually do it ;) i just need to go to one of those create your own t-shirt places downtown and get it done.

ya. regards the writing, buzzcat, i dont have it in a specific place.
its all in my computer. i dont have it online anywhere. but if youre interested, id gladly send you something. ive actually been up to a lot of poetry lately.. buk has inspired me, you could say. :D

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Right about now, I am re-readiing Hot Water Music,
also 'L'automne à Pékin' by Boris Vian
and peeking at Tough Company by Tom Russell.

I like to switch and digest to avoid allergies:)
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haha! its a good idea to switch it up sometimes, although i find that usually when im reading bukowski and someone else, ill neglect the other thing until im finished buk :D
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