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what a great letter. thanks for posting.


my feelings exactly, in a pleasant way, of course.

and indeed, bill is most likely correct...;)
I'm already using Father Luke's enhancement of my letter from Buk as a screensaver. If I'm wrong, someone needs to tell me!

Well, PeteM, if you're wrong than so am I. I've been using your letter for my screensaver since you first posted it. and hell I've been wrong a couple of times before. never seemed to bother me much.....

Absolutely! That is one of Buk's best qualities, his economy with words. Short sharp sentences with no clutter. It makes him easy to read. So in a way, I think that in addition to being humorous, this letter is a great example of a trademark characteristic of his writing :cool:
The beauty of the letter is that beyond the terse NO VISITORS, it is actually very considerate. If Buk really wanted to blow me off, he wouldn't have answered, or he wouldn't have signed the letter. Instead, he took the time to reply, and in a way that reflects his personality and style so well. And which he certainly knew would be treasured by me (and us), almost as much as a visit would have been. In fact, Lord knows what would have happened if he had actually invited me to visit--how awkward would that have been?
Welcome, PeteM, and I totally agree with you. I think the letter is an absolute treasure -- definitely a keeper. I have a few Bukowski letters still in storage ... like a lot of my old small-press stuff they were flood-damaged and I had to dry them out in my oven! But I can't imagine any of them coming close to this for succintness and, as you say, personality. Thanks much for sharing!
yeah, it is very definite.

that's what makes it such a beautiful piece of art in itself.
you've received a free poem by Charles Bukowski, baby!
Just flipping through the pages of the letters in " Reach for the Sun " first editon page 173 keep an eye of the letter to W. Packard April 21, 1991 - he he
Can someone tell me what the Packard letter says? I take it it is pretty close to what Buk wrote to me some ten years prior. But don't worry about disenchantment--even when I got the letter I figured it was a standard kiss-off to would-be sycophants. I was still mightily pleased.
Among other things it says that:

"Bukowski prefers frogs to people"

It's worth a read when you can find
the time to get the book somehow. . .
Amg o thgs t sys th: "B pre fr t pe" t's worth rd . . .

honestly, it says:
So I began resorting to the simple but steady rejoinder:


i'm sorry.

still, it's a great gift.

and yes, the book is a good read, while amongst the 3 BSP-volumes of letters I prefer the 2nd ('Living on Luck').

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