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Hello everyone,

My name is Syafiq, and I have been reading Bukowski’s poems since 2014. Started with What Matters Most since it had Roll the Dice in it. Progressed after that with The Last Night.
This year I have been reading a lot more… Essential Bukowski, Burning in Water and first novel … Factotum. Presently waiting for Septuagenarian Stew (hard cover, got it cheap) to arrive from the UK.

Love this forum!

Hello Syafiq,
I've just read that a court in Kuala Lumpur sentenced a student to five years in prison for "illegal possession of books", so be careful.

If you've read 'Roll the Dice' in What matters most and in Essential Bukowski, then you surely noticed the difference between the two versions. Read about it here.
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As long as you don’t possess any material related to terrorism you are fine
I guess a story like Should We Burn Uncle Sam's Ass could be easily identified as terrorism by Malaysia's government. Imagine Bukowski was born in Malaysia! Just replace Uncle Sam's Ass with Malaysia's King's Ass - our beloved author would be dead before we even got to know him!

Get the right stuff, Syafiq.
Oh, and welcome!

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