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  1. My name is Henry. I've only read about half of Bukowski's novels many years ago and I recently started getting into him again.

    I figured I'd say hello.
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    skiroomalum See that bank? Used to be a cigar store... Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Hey Henry. Welcome. Which books have you read?
  3. Post Office
    Ham on Rye
    The Most Beautiful Woman in Town

    I also saw Factotum, Barfly, and Born into This. I'm trying to branch out again. I'm reading Barry Miles book currently. Howard Sounes I hear is very similar and tried to read "Hank," but couldn't really get into that one.
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  4. Take the leap. Buk's poetry isn't your Grandfather's poetry. It's where the whole game changes. His novels and short stories are entertaining; his poetry is a howitzer.

    The Days Run Away
    Burning in Water
    Love is a Dog From Hell
    Play the Piano Drunk
    Dangling in the Tournefortia
    War All the Time
    You Get So Alone
    The Last Night of the Earth Poems

    All as essential as air and water. See: https://bukowski.net/checklist/
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  5. Thank you for the list! I just picked up the Manuscript collections from lulu.com as well. Bukowski was extremely prolific, it's kind of overwhelming. I think that's why I never picked up the poetry. It's a stupid reason not to.
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