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Hello everyone,
my name`s Michi. I'm 24 and come from munich, germany. Started reading Buk two years ago. Since that I`ve read all his novels and shortstory books translated in German, also got some english books now.
Reading Buk really influenced my way of thinking in a way, which I thought books can`t do, so i`m very happy to found this place. (Thanks to rony)

Sorry for my English . It`ll be better when i`m drunk..

Well,that`s it. You guys doing a great Job here!
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Wielkommen, Michi!

Ich wuensche dich viel spaß an buknet.

Sorry for my Deutsch, it's better when I'm tipsy.
A big welcome from another german freak on this place !
You mentioned above you have just read his novels and the shortstories but
don`t miss the poems!!!
I also pictured most poets with spectacles and tea cups who loved to talk in dainty riddles before but then came Bukowski and did it in his unique way.
Welcome to the forum, Michi! Don't forget to watch The Bukowski Tapes (four hours of interviews) and Born Into This (docu). Both are out on dvd...
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Hey Ponder,hey petey,hey bukfan. thanks for your reply.
i also read many of his poems. At the moment reading "what matters most is how well you walk through the fire".
I`m still impressed how much ya all know about almost every detail of buks life,his work etc.Really fascinating!
Yeah,at the moment I`m looking for thr bukowski tapes on ebay, hope I`ll get them soon.


@Ponder:great!than let`s get drunk!
Willkommen Michi, let us be together (not quite so) alone.
Are you ready for the weirdness going on in here?
Welcome, one of us, one of us....(dunno, i think i read that already somewhere)

Im off to my shrink, have fun.

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