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It is what it is
Kids say Tabula rasa?
I thought priests and Latin scholars said that.
Boy, I'm outa touch.

And ekim...
let's not start supposing what Bukowski would or wouldn't have done under various circumstances, huh.
That's pointless and such a damned waste of time.


It is what it is
sorry instead of wasting time maybe we should debate obscure Bukowski facts


Did you know that Charles Bukowski was the first man to recite poetry whilst swimming the English channel?

I mean... the entire time... he never shut up.


It is what it is
I remember buying my first Arvo Part CD in 1989.
Listened to it while drinking a bottle of red. Just me and this music.
I have bought every scrap of his music as it became available and yes, Tabula Rasa is one of my favourites too.

But that contemporary choreography really blows.
I love dancers but can't stand watching them shoehorn themselves into another mans art.

I hope you play it loud... 100 yards from the Rhine?




"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Ja, of course!

But I don't hit golf balls into the Rhine like one of our buknet members wrote in a strong poem.

This was the only Arvo Part clip I could find.....and it's the very first time I've heard the man speaking.

I've also listened to Tabula Rasa for the first time late 80ties, it was in France.


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Metal Circus Husker Du is a long way from New Day Rising Husker Du. I remember hearing that first album and going, "Holy Shit! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" By the time New Day came out, they had evolved substatially. Sadly, I too only got to see them once, very near the bitter end in some theater in L.A. the name of which escapes me. I am still hooked on Bob Mould and all of his various projects.
Came across this flyer from First Avenue (it was called Sam's back then). 7th St. Entry was a tiny punk club that was part of First Avenue. Like a closet off to the side where the disco people could ignore it. But when they weren't playing disco they had some great shows in the main room.

In March of 1981 you could have seen Husker Du, Prince and the Replacements in one week (and Curtiss A., who was great, but who you've never heard of). The month previous we played our only show there. Saw Bo Diddley there, King Sunny Ade, Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramer, the Pretenders, Bad Brains, Joe Perry, U2 played there (I didn't see that)...I guess everyone played there. A great club. Hard to imagine a time when King Sunny Ade and Johnny Thunders could play the same club, but there you go.


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