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Hey there, as you've (maybe) noticed, I am new here, and usually don't like these introductions threads. :P

However, this is a very good message which cracked me up:
Hey Mitzidupree, what have you got against us? You tease us by registering for the forum and then you don't make your first post. We feel neglected and frankly, kind of used. So come on, say hello. You know you want to. Make us feel loved.

A nice way to attach us who are in a hurry to write somethin before :P

Em what else..?

See you in a while!


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Aaaahhhh, I see.

That's interesting. I only know this name as a title from Deep Purple, from "The House Of Blue Light" album. And I don't know "The People Look Like Flower At Last" yet.

Now how in the hell is Mitzi wandering from there to there. I always thought it was a made up name and can't find anything significant via google. Does this name have any kind of meaning? What's the context in the poem?
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Whoops, I'm late!

Sorry for the delay folks, but was a bit busy during the last few days, why bore with myself anyway? :p

Well actually I did not know of Mitzi Dupree from Bukowski, but rather from Deep Purple, Johannes was right at first.

As for "The People Look Like Flower At Last" I still haven't put my hands on it.

Beside that, I promise you I won't let you miss me! :p

See you peeps!

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