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I also am a "Dennis". Just stumbled in. Into Bukowski since early 70's. Letter carrier. Have given out copies of "Post Office" to several fellow employees and they always say "he got it just right". Never had the guts to walk out though. My oldest son has followed me into the P.O. and also into Bukowski. So far my younger son has avoided work for 22 years, there may be hope for him.
welcome to the fun
I'm pretty new here but so far this place is great
i would ask you what your favorite Buk book is but i can probably guess
(It's Post office right?)

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Welcome bobcows. It appears you have found your way around- the timeline- and all. It's a very nice place here. The more you look around the more you will find and it just keeps getting better. The members here are very knowlegeable and helpful.


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hello BOBCOWS, G.R. eh? former K-zoo here. say PHHHHT. to Mi. for me woodja? and welcome to this place.
Hello bob. I lasted about five months in the UK Postal Service so I can only admire your durability, then again I am one of those lily livered arty types.

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