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Hi to all...

First of all i'm sorry for my terrible english, i'm Italian and i don't talk a good english...

What i have to say now?!?! :confused:

Ah, i love Charles Bukowski, i read every single book translated in italian almost 5 times. i italy you can find 15 book and 2 goods biografy...

I suppose that reading Bukowski in english should be onother thing than a simply translation, but i must content of this :)

Bye! ;)

i forget...

this web site is incredible!!! Too information, good structure, really the best i find on web!


hank solo

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Reaper Crew
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Hello Antonio. Your English is much better than my Italian. Benvenuto!

Father Luke

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welcome to the forum.
one of my best friends was born and still has a house in northern Italy.
welcome antonio! and as hank solo mentioned, your english is MUCH better than my italian, so no worries there. enjoy!


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Cheers Antonio, I've been many many times to your beautiful country.

Enjoy the site. There's nothing like it.
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Welcome to the forum, Antonio! Your English is fine, don't worry about it...
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Rally thanks to all fo you!

for Bukfan, in every forum i usually use your avatar, in this i must find another one hear! ;)

for Father Luke, do you like Italian girls i suppose! ;) good taste!

For other who were to Italy, i live in Livorno, 300Km north from Rome. It's really a good place to live, i'm honest!

Now i'll read some post and slowly slowly i'll try to reply and to learn something else about Charles...

Rally thanks for you welcome!
Hello Antonio! My Italian is not so hot either. All I know is that quote from Voltaire's "Candide"."O che sciagura d'essere senza coglioni!" and "Nel mezzo del cammina di nostra vita, mi ritrovai in ...selva oscura...diritta smaritta..." and allegro, largo, presto, vivace, largando, ritardando....Roma, Venezia, Firenze, and vino, amore, etc etc! welcome! I like very much some of the Italian editions of Buk which I saw in Italy.

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