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Longtime Buk fan here---first heard of him in high school, started reading him in college.

I'm a former postal worker myself---did 7 years there, went back to school, now struggling as an accountant and feeling like the biggest impostor in the world.

Probably will lurk here mostly...it's a good way to dodge my work responsibilities, which these days seem to consist of my fucking up tax returns. Still don't miss the post office, though.

Anyway, see you later, I guess.
Take off your blue uniform, stay a while longer, don't just lurk ;)


PS: To no one in particular: why can't I have a usertitle? :(
Heh heh....I think I was kinda like Buk near the end of his tenure. I just wore street clothes to work. I worked at the mail sorting facility, feeding magazines and flats into a big machine that sorted and/or shredded them.

Ah shit, I guess I better get back to work.
Well you've found the only crowd that will appreciate all the Herculean disconnectings you must have had to conjure in your past workdays. Set the automaton into motion and learn to drift away...towards,...towards...something else, anything else.
Welcome expostal, being a tax accountant is a little more exciting than the Post Office, isn't it? Enjoy the reading and have a laugh.
The characters were a little more interesting at the Post Office. Here it's mainly young kids [22-23] nice enough...just not that colorful. They're into things like snowboarding.

I'm older and generally keep to myself--guess I'm still a postal worker at heart.
postal? do you own a gun? oops; you are now an accountant. welcome. this site is the best buk site on the net, bar none. drop the abacus, when you can "” and enjoy!

(chronic's site rocks too, if you are looking for another one; way fucking cool. http://collectingbukowski.com/)


grandpa homeless mind
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The funny thing is, I knew a ton of people who fit the gun-toting postal worker stereotype, although I was living in a gun-friendly area at the time where it wasn't uncommon for the average person to own a gun.

Think it's because the USPS gives preference to vets, a lot of whom tend to be gun enthusiasts. There were a lot of guys who obviously got their wardrobe at the army surplus store. There was even one person who drove some kind of military vehicle to work....looked like some kind of old troop transport or something. I never figured out who drove it---it took up a good 3-4 parking spaces.
Welcome. And , like Lexx said, stay a little longer, and do not just lurk!
BTW, to all those people who decide to write immature little notes saying shit about me, you really don't know my life. You don't know me at all. So please, keep your rude comments to your self. Please.
[Not trying to be rude, but I didn't come to this site to be critisized.

Thanks, and much much respect, love, and care,
Monicarrr :)
BTW, to all those people who decide to write immature little notes saying shit about me, you really don't know my life. You don't know me at all. So please, keep your rude comments to your self. Please.

monicarr, if this the way you're going to end every post of yours here, your stay won't be long.

no, we don't know your life, but you don't know ours either. there are all walks of life here with problems that no one would understand. I'm not belittling any problems you may have, just trying to give a little perspective.

and you haven't read any Bukowski yet, which begs the question why you are here in the first place?

like I said before, if you read Ham on Rye and like it, we'll be here to talk to you about it.
I am reading Ham On Rye now. And, I origionally came here to put a smile on Lolita's face. She was having a tad of a rough time. But, now that I've been here, and seen all the people who love Bukowski, I decided to ask Lolita for a book.

I never said that I knew your lives, it's just, it bothers me a lot when people seem to think that it's their place to tell me to do things. I understand their concern, but it's my choice if I want to read Bukowski books or not.

I appreciate your understandings,
Hi expostal.Funny thing is I've been working for the german mail when I was around 24.
I've been loading trucks for more than a year and then I quit.Had seen enough parcels for the rest of my life.Hard physical work.I did the pre Christmas shifts.Please erase Christmas,I thought.No outstanding person can imagine what's going on in a parcel mail center around Christmess.
All post office people HATE Christmas! I still hate it, and I've been quit for going on 6 years now.

I didn't envy the people who had to do the loading and unloading---their only advantage was that they could move around a little more throughout the building and could occasionally find a hiding place to goof off for a little bit--they weren't having to constantly be standing at the machine all night, but physically, the job was a lot tougher as far as lifting/pushing/pulling.
Mother's Day is actually busier than Christmas, but it's for a shorter time period. I didn't work with letters much, so it didn't affect me, but the single busiest mailing day of the year for letters is right before Mother's Day.
I used to work in fast food. Mother's Day was the worst day for that, as a worker. Everybody ate out that day. We started early and couldn't go home for at least 13 hours!!!:mad:
So approximately 100 years later, I finally decide to poke my head in the door....I'm sure I was greatly missed.

Got shitcanned from the accounting job later that summer, still looking for my next job, hoping to hear something tomorrow about an interview I had last week.

Going to try to hang out here more.

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