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Been lurking a bit. Decided to join and maybe post. Figured this would be a good place to start. Very new to Bukowski. I'd never even heard of him until I rented Born Into This on iTunes and that was probably a month ago. Since then I've purchased Last Night of the Earth Poems and Ham on Rye. Blew through Last Night and haven't started Ham on Rye yet. I don't know why but I LOVE his stuff....
Hi AE,

Two great choices of books.

Yes, it is more important that you love the writing. Finding out WHY you love it may or may not come to you.

I love Sushi. Love the taste, texture, smell... Not sure why, but I do. Sometimes that is the most important thing,really.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard, Anthony! You've read two of his best books. I'm glad you like both his poetry and his prose...
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you have a lotta cool stuff 2 look forward to...

Ham On Rye is...kinda heavy, but in some ways maybe
His best novel.

Well worth it.


Bukowski is good therapy for some...just when you think it's time to blow your brains out...Bukowski can make you laugh, realize how maybe you don't have it so bad, are not alone in the way you feel and...that it is OK to - sometimes - feel crappy about life.

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