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Wow! I couldn't believe it when i stumbled upon this site. Bukowski has been my favorite poet for several years now. I just got internet access a few weeks ago after my divorce took everything else...lol. This place is incredible! It's so nice to know that Buk is getting the love and admiration he deserves, Ty for allowing me to be a part of all this. Buk changed my poetic viewpoint a few years ago and i have just never been the same since. He taught me that being yourself as a poet is the greatest notoriety you will ever get...it is the priceless jewel of writing. I wish he was still here with us.
Welcome to the forum. If Bukowski were still here we would be anxious for his newest work, but now we only wait for the obscure and undiscovered work.

I been to 'bama and without the banjo.
yes, welcome. i've been in huntsville and birmingham many a time. driven through alabama top to bottom too many times to count....
Welcome, silent. I like what you said in your last two or three lines there. Very true. Buk smoothed out a few wrinkles for me as well.
Welcome and here's a low five! Don't worry, it's just as important as a high five! Just ask Derek Fisher, to see what I mean!
Welcome here, silentatthewindow. I tend to exhale heavily at the window and draw smiley faces. Routine from my short-bus days. Beware this site is highly addictive.

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