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Well, I'm fairly new to Bukowski and this is my first post here. I've read Ham on Rye, Factotum, Post Office and am currently reading Women. I discovered Bukowski from listening to Tom Waits. I noticed that Waits was always talking about Bukowski and being a huge Waits fan, it made me curious. So here I am, all in with Bukowski. I haven't read any of his poetry, so I'm not sure how I'll do with it (I'm not a huge poetry fan).
Yo Brocklang, welcome.

You might try Love is a Dog From Hell, unless someone has a better suggestion for warming up to his poems. Dangling in the Tournefortia might be his best book of poetry though.

I am also more a fan of his novels myself. Ham on Rye was my first read and will always be my favorite. How are you liking Women? Laughing a lot?
Welcome, brock! I started with Buk's poetry, so I tend to like that a bit better than his novels. But where Buk is concerned, you can't read one without indulging in the other.

welcome brock.
Many cats here admire Tom Waits too. He and Bukowski just get well with each other.
(The Wait's-song 'Nirvana' is actually a Buk-poem)

Bukowski's poetry is famous for being liked even by people who usually are not into poetry.
I haven't read any of his poetry, so I'm not sure how I'll do with it (I'm not a huge poetry fan).

Don't worry, you'll love Buk's poetry! It's a money back guarantee, I'm just not sure where you'd go to get your money back if you didn't like it. But not to worry, you will.

And welcome! Tom Waits is pretty good too.
Welcome aboard, brock! As for poetry, what Roni said! Buk's poetry is very accessible for people who don't usually read poetry.
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Roni is right, I swore off poetry until I came across Bukowski, now I spend all my damn money on his poetry collections. It's addicting, as the proof is all around you on this site. Love is a Dog from Hell and The Last Night of the Earth Poemsare two of his poetry collections I find myself going back to over and over.

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