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Hello everybody,
I love Bukowski. I read his book Women and found it really erotic. He was so raw and masculine, I can't find a real man like that in this world. Most men don't know how to be a Man. I've been writing for a few years now. I'm writing a book about Men. I hope to meet some fellow writers.
Foxy Writer :)
oh man you sound hot. i bet you're super hot. i'd hit on you, but i'm intimidated by how hot i'm imagining you are.

nice descriptive username, btw. i'm thinking of changing mine to "bald publisher."
Damn, I forgot, where are my manners? Welcome, Foxy Writer. Nice avatar. I could post a pic of myself in a speedo and use it for my avatar but I'd have to change my user name to Sweet Jesus! What the Fuck!
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Can ya'll please have a seat over here?

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