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I can remember that in the poem Bukowski or the narrator is discussing how he is not expecting a virgin but someone that hasn't had much sex with different men, and that one can tell in the way she walks whether she has been having much sex or not.

If you need clarification I will try to give it, but I remember Stumbling once onto it and now I can't find it as the name is completely forgotten.

Thanks for the help.
I like the line:

"If you want to piss on the sun"
Its got that masterful blend of seemingly simple bar-talk and originality that Buk does so well.
I think it's funny that Bukowski wrote that poem on Christmas eve 1974. I remember that evening with my very crazy first wife. She was 17 and liked to drink whiskey.
That poem touched on her and I think she would try to piss on the sun. Now she wanders around the galleria in Riverside, not taking the proper medication for her mental affliction.

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