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stop the penistry
i got you a birthday cake



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LOL - I've never seen so many Corgies in one place! :D
Great pic, Strangegirl!
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well, Bukfan, you haven't been to the right parties. where I go, it's wall to wall corgis. and Kim Kardashian. one of the corgis had to explain to me who she was. apparently she's a big fan of dr. love.
Many happy returns!

I owned a Pembroke Corgi called "Lady" for 15.5 years until she died of kidney failure. When she died she'd been with me for about half of my lifetime. I ought to find a pic and scan it in.

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Thank you all. The corgi picture and the birthday cake are on the fridge. I swear most of the corgis in the picture look exactly like Bill. Good job on that.

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