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I've been looking around the site since about 8 this morning, decided to join since I'll be on here a lot. ;)

I wish all of B's work was available online. (sigh)
Welcome, there is a vast quantity of his work in here, but you will feel better about the books you pay good money for.
Sarasota is a great place to be in the coming months. I've enjoyed a few visits down there and Naples.
What are your favorite Bukowski works?
Favorite would have to be Women and The most beautiful woman in town, which I am still currently reading. Does anyone have a suggestion in which order I should read his work?
hello and welcome! i've suggested this to people before but i'm not sure anyone will ever actually do it; read his novels chronologically, starting with ham on rye, then factotum, post office, women(yea, again!) and so on. i wish i could go back in time and do it...or just read whatever the hell ya feel like...
I probably will go and read them chronologically, its normally what I do with any author whose work I read beyond one book.

And to everyone who welcomed me, thank you. :)

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