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Hello to all you lovers of poems, loose women, fist fights & other assorted salvations!

Been reading here on & off for a while now, figured I was long overdue for joining. Not much for selling myself, hopefully the poems do the talking for me. Been publishing in the small press since '99 & am a bit of a junky for small press stuff. I also draw, paint--watercolors & oils. Learning how to letterpress (many thanks to Bill Roberts), make paper...other stuff the world no longer cares much for. Rumored associations with the GPP. Work too much, don't live enough--like just about everyone else.

Anyhow--glad to be here at long last.
Thanks for the hellos. An insider?...hmm, I think I'm proud of that.

& yeah--I love New Mexico. Lived all over: Corrales, Las Cruces, Ponderosa, Edgewood, ABQ. Love traveling here, Santa Fe, Taos, Acoma Pubelo, the Jemez...great place. Have to get outside the city to the small towns to really see it.

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