How do you organize your Buk shelf?

Thought I'd throw this out there. I enjoy seeing how people organize/display their collections, whatever they might be. For example, besides Buk, I collect hardbop jazz CDs (1955-1965 era). These can be organized by year, artist, label (or within the labels by artist or catalog number, etc.).
I'm curious to see others' OCD madness. The way books are displayed on a shelf can cause certain feelings to bubble up.

So for Buk, how does everyone order their shelves:

  1. By published date
  2. By edition--all firsts, then the rest
  3. By events in Buk's life, i.e., Ham On Rye, then Roominghouse, then Factotum, etc.
  4. By purchase date
  5. By type--poetry, novels, stories, magazines, misc.

What order elicits the most happiness when you glance over at those spines?

Pogue Mahone

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For the stuff that's not worth anything, wherever I can find a place after dropping them on the floor the night before.
Thanks, Pogue, for the response. (I was starting to get a "thread-hanging complex." Something sad about a one-post thread.)

How do you organize your good stuff?