How the hell did I never find this forum until now? (1 Viewer)

I've googled Bukowski more than any other author, and this page never showed up until I googled "the gay Bukowski."

Anyway, it's Saturday night and I'm sitting alone in this tiny apartment just like Bukowski imagined many of his fans who wrote letters did. I'm not drinking yet - even though it's 7:15 P.M., I still have a bit of a hangover from last night. That's the power of generic drug store whiskey.
I was wondering if the title, "The Gay Bukowski," had been taken. If not, then I would use it for myself if I ever wrote anything worth a shit. Which I haven't yet.
Actually, I've seen this site before, but not the forum side of it. I didn't realize it until I started poking around. Your site is all right, I guess, it doesn't suck all that bad. I just listened to your podcast on Martin editing Bukowski's poetry and I was pretty upset. I've mostly read Bukowski's novels, the only poetry I've heard from him is what I've found on YouTube. I like Don't Try. Sounds like that fucking little shit mucked up Bukowski's writing. Who the fuck does he think he is?

You know something, when I saw the documentary where Martin said he would pay Bukowski $100 a month to quit the post office and write, I thought something didn't quite add up (not just the paltry sum, even in those days). I'm glad you talked about that, because all I knew about it was Bukowski saying he decided to quit and starve since he was about to be fired anyway. It seemed to me that Martin was trying to take too much credit for Bukowski walking off the job to go write. Bukowski never mentioned that Martin was some sort of saving patron.

My box of wine is almost empty and I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Maybe you can get Martin to give me $2500 a month to cover my expenses while I write so that my genius can be exposed to the world. I can probably get it down to $2000 a month if I don't go to any bars. No chance of that happening though, so go in high.

Oh, and I thought I would waltz in here and tell you guys a few things about Bukowski, but you guys already have it all down. I'll do some more reading here and keep my mouth shut for a while. I thought I knew a thing or two about him but I was wrong.
We're trying to rank higher than first in a Google search for Bukowski

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Stupid Google.
These contradictory results are easy to explain: at first Google spent measly 0.39 seconds and found out that Wikipedia was first on the list of results, then it (or is Google "(s)he?") took a better look (this time Google spent hefty 0.57 seconds) and turned out to be The King.

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