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Hey all, my names Joe. About 3 years ago i borrowed "Love is a Dog From Hell." from my friends bookshelf because the title was fantastic. Since then i've read every word i can get my hands on. Glad something like this is around.
Welcome joe,

I'm new here myself. my bukowski introduction was the only copy not-yet-stolen at the san francisco public library of Pulp. From there it was notes of a dirty old man, last night on earth, hot water music, women ..... the list goes on. bought and used copies. My favorite is a black sparrow press edition of ham on rye that i bought on haight street for 5 bucks, about 10 years ago

Glad to be here.
Welcome Joe,

Been here just a month myself...I do a lot more reading than posting, but am also glad to be here among other Buk worms where I'm most first Buk was "The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills" (came across it on a cart in the Mesa Public Library) and haven't been able to stop since!!

I find it difficult to read other writers now (it all seems so bland) and have now taken to writing myself, and reading stuff recommended by Buk or other Buk fans...

Bobby D.

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