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a Fender Telecaster (hecho en Mexico).
It's funny how the Mexican Fenders have become the second tier (behind the California custom shop) and the Indonesian made Fenders are now the cheapies. Most of the guitars coming out of Indonesia, China, etc. are real crap. But everyone is manufacturing there now. Buying a U.S. made instrument almost always means you have to go "custom shop" and pay premium prices.

The only way I could buy an American made Les Paul Junior a few years ago was to have it imported from Japan! Gibson exports the majority of their non-custom shop production guitars. Go figure. So my Junior is from Nashville, by way of Japan. Seems like the shipping companies got the best end of that deal.
Dreamland = Chicago IL.

On the subject of guitars, my current roommates in Chicago are a Takamine acoustic/electric, an Alvarez acoustic, and a Fender Telecaster (hecho en Mexico).

I keep the Alvarez in weird Joni Mitchell-style open-tunings as a sign of respect to Our Great Neighbor To The North. ( you're welcome, Canada )

Fine town, Chicago. Lots of friendly happy people, at least when I visited back in the 90s. Definitely felt midwestern in that respect. I was careful not to mistake the upbeat mood for naivete though.

How weird? DADADF#?
How weird? DADADF#?
A good one is C G D F C E(flat)
the "Coyote" tuning

And thanks for the Midwestern props. We do actually consider ourselves a bit less edgy and hostile than other large metropolitan areas.

Not sure we deserve it, but that's the MIDWESTERN CHARM for you. And MIDWESTERN CHARM is probably thanks to large numbers of Wisconsinites moving south...
Been to Madison, too, and got the same vibe, although their eyes seemed a little too wide for my liking. Beautiful place though, and it was February when I went. That is one mother of a dome on the state house though.
Funny, I was watching a movie this weekend and Steve Martin gave Meryl Streep a Quo Vadis notebook. Odd product placement. But it was definitely product placement, since they lit the notebook to show off the debossed Quo Vadis logo.
Almost heartening. I like it when the products being placed isn't mass marketed stuff like Coke or Burger King or whatever. Why not Ham on Rye as product placement? I guess if you have enough money, you can try to put your product anywhere.
Speaking of nostalgia, I just bought a Remington quiet riter, at a garage sale for 10. with the case and some carbon paper. It has a new ribbon. I wonder if the ribbons are still available.
Don't worry, I won't start posting bad poetry! :)


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