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Published in Dec. 1976. Uncollected as of April 2008.

I just re-read most of B's interviews and this one is really unusual in that it hardly tackles the "old literary chit-chat. " Very, very unusual.

Lots of great, funny one-liners: "I'm a Christmas tree," "I prefer doing readings in the South", "Women are the world's greatest invention - outside of me"

Lots of your good old B "shockers": fucking shoes, fucking panties, getting inside the rapist's mind...

And if you know Harold Norse and read what B. says about him -"He's a Poet, capital P. When takes a shit, he says 'I'm a Poet'..."- you'll probably roar with laughter. I know I did.


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Excerpt from the Michael Andrews interview (1980):


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"I sit in front of a pussy, or in front of a racing form. I don't just sit in front of a typewriter."

"I have no meaning. My writing has no meaning. It has no moral aspect. It has no social aspect."

Two great quotes from the interview. With all the talk of child sex\rape... I can see why it isn't collected as of yet! A bit of a shocking interview... and then at the end, he admits he puts on a face to get people interested in his work... Very interesting stuff, as always.

Thanks again!
Where was the Andrews interview published?
I think it was in ONTHEBUS? I have a super-garbled OCR scan of it that I found when I was doing the STONECLOUD transcription, but I couldn't do it today. Fixing those OCR scans is a fucking nightmare, and it takes hours.
I googled it earlier - seems it was published at some point after Bukowski died, in Lummox Journal. It looks like the same interview appears in the Andrews' book Coffin Lumber. I haven't seen either of them though.
I wonder where the hell I scanned it from then, because I have neither of those...could be that I have a different Michael Andrews interview.
Here are the slightly more readable scans of the same interview* (just in case):


*Hustler Vol. 3 No. 6 (December 1976); the interviewer was Bruce David, Hustler's managing editor
I have not read the whole thread but this is from On the Bus, Spring 1990, interview titled A Conversation with Michael Andrews. I guess this is something else. If you'd like this entire article I can take photos but it will take a little time.

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My mistake, the interview was conducted before 31st of March 1980:
Micheal Andrews said:
This conversation Bukowski was preparing for a reading in Redondo Beach.

This interview is something else:
Linda: He puts the radio on to classical or disco and just rams away. I love it!
Bukowski: Well, disco has its beat, you know, so you just type right with it.
Michael: What's your favorite disco?
Bukowski: Oh, I don't know my favorite group, but I like "The Deputy of Love."
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