I am a teenage girl. Is Bukowski for me? (1 Viewer)

Hi all.

I am a teenage girl who is a big fan of Bukowski. I read Ham on Rye a few years ago and fell in love. I felt seen. Many people, mostly men, have told me Bukowski isn't meant for me. Could you help me? Is Bukowski for me?
I fell in love with him when I was a young teen. So now that you've read Ham on Rye, you've seen where he's come from. You know what generation he was born into, and how his fucked up parents raised him.

Later, when you run into things he's written that you don't agree with, remember those things, and that some men express their pain differently at different times. Many women have hurt him from his mother on down the line. Just because he's a great writer doesn't mean you have to love everything about him. But there's far more to love than to be mad about.
I am a Ryan Adams fan too, so I can't comment on this one other than to say he was a pretty good dad in the time he got to spend with his daughter. She called him Hank.

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