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Hello all,

I always see this infamous quote attributed to Factotum but can't remember coming across it upon my first read of it. Does anyone know the exact page? I have skimmed again for the quote but I am having no luck. I know it is in the end of the movie but I am looking for it in the book, specifically the newer edition.


I always find it attributed to Factotum on the net (various quotation sites, etc.) but really it is not from the novel at all. Interesting!
sadly, much of the net is the last place to check for accurate info.

Gladly, you are on the one forum to get accurate info on Bukowski.

Same thing happened to me, or to an article I got misquoted from when I was referring to this poem in a magazine interview. It got attributed to Factotum, and the text may have even been wrong too, which made me look like a dope, but at least I'm accrediting the man in the mag as being an inspiration to my art.
(various quotation sites, etc.)
Here's how quotation and song lyric sites work:

1) Someone, 15 years ago, starts a site for quotations or lyrics. They let users add quotes or lyrics. No one checks those additions because no one can possibly verify them all.

2) The quotation or lyric page becomes very popular, because people love to grab a quotation or lyric without doing any actual research themselves. Since the site is so popular, the owner starts running advertising.

3) 20 or 30 or 5,000 people see that popular site with advertising on it and think, "I will make myself a copy of that site and do all sorts of ridiculous shit to try to get it listed very high in Google's rankings, then I will make a trillion dollars!"

4) Every mistake from the original site spreads like cockroaches among the hundreds or thousands of sites that originally stole the information. New sites are spawned that steal the information from a second or third generation copy of the original site, and...well, then you've got the Internet. Welcome.
And here's how news articles work, also - they rarely get the facts straight. Welcome, FanteFreak, to a site that does its best to get the facts right. Might get turbulent at times but riding it out is well worth it.

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