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There are so many Buk poems that reach inside me and make me feel I have a connection to him somehow, silly as that may sound. Some of his work reminds me of me, some remind me of others I know, and many just give life and it's circumstances an adequate and poignant neon sign. My favorite is where I got my Buknet name from... hello, how are you?

I was just curious as to some of you guys favorites if you have one.
what about the line from: dow average down..

"being something of a
feeling person you can't
help but remember the
good parts or the parts
that seemed to be good"
I don't know, I drink way too much, date and live with the craziest women you could ever imagine and always can relate to Buk's stories about the same two things. But in all honesty, that has been a part of my life, for maybe only the last 10 years. When I discovered Bukowski back in 1991, I lived with my parents, had never had a drink, and had maybe one girlfriend in my life up that point? She wasn't crazy, pretty normal, we had never done more than hold hands. But still, I became addicted to Buk immediately. I think being born in Los Angeles, raised in LA and never really seeing any other part of the world but LA until I was 26-27yrs old also made me feel, I knew the parts of this corner of the world Buk talked about so much. Like when my parents would drive me home from a Clippers game at the sports arena, or a Lakers game at the Forum, and I'd see all the homeless people, I remember smiling and thinking, man I bet Buk used to live right down this street! Yes it was naive, but I was about 17? So it always made me smile!

So I really never have felt I had any connection to him, just worshipped his style, his work and his way(at least in his writings) of looking at the world. Cause as we know, one has to just read the dispelling myths thread on the forum, to see he wasn't exactly the same person as one might think from just reading a book or two.

hello, how are you? is a great poem, it always reminded me of a Daniel Johnston album that came out in the early 80's called hi, how are you? Not for much except the title though.

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