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A matchbook by Jason D'Aquino

Personally I miss the soul (depth) in this portrait.

According to Black Swan Buk's lips is the most difficult part to catch.
I have to agree that it misses the mark. Funny about the eyes. To me, that is where he loses it. Too prominent. Like they are bulging out. That's an unusual picture of Bukowski anyway, since he rarely opened his eyes that far for photos. But the photo is of a hard man. There's a toughness in it that this drawing doesn't capture. It looks like a drawing of Bukowski's retarded brother to me.
another Bukowski-matchbook:

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(not beautiful, but you don't see it every day.)


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It's not just the eyes, which are indeed more open than in the photo (and the direction of his gaze is a bit off too), but there's an air-brushed look to the matchbook image that removes years of reality. It's a helluva lot better than I could do, though.
A tough room. You're right, the eyes do bug out a bit too much, and while I noticed that, I think they are more right than wrong. Actually, the hardest part, now that I mull it over, is the area around the eyes -- the brows above, the bags and wrinkles under and on the side sweeping into the temple -- all that complexity. This drawing does that part well. I always find his nose, his lips, his hair, the beard, quite easy. I only spend a few seconds on those when I draw him. But the eyes and how they are set into the head -- that part takes me a while, with corrections and going over lines.
it's a losing battle if you're working with an image that's not a good representation of the person to begin with.

i also don't believe that any one feature is more difficult or important than any other in capturing a likeness or vibe of the subject. one feature being weak is going to affect the overall effect or likeness.

i don't like knocking other artists work but that drawing doesn't cut the mustard.
hi black swan - i was going to end my post saying that. not that i could do a good one but one of these days i'm going to take a try. i've done some minor sketchbook drawings of him but nothing substantial.

i also have some ideas for some major bukowski related projects - a portfolio of original prints for one which i'm just starting to plan out.

i used to do alot of caricatures so i'll see if i can brew one up and add it to the mix.

edit - thanks ponder i'll pretend i didn't see that. :D
Have to agree with Rekrab with the "tough room" comment. The eyes perhaps do bulge a bit but I think the pupil is ever so slightly askew giving it that effect plus shadowing under the jawline is lacking but aside from these there's a lot of detail in such a small canvas. Good stuff. Thanks, chronic.

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