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I'm selling my B stuff (1 Viewer)


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yep, the day has finally come!!! I've finally managed to copy most of the stuff I've bought on eBay and Abe -for research purposes ;) - and I'm now willing to sell most of it (I'm keeping a few items, such as the BoSP items and a few B specials, such as the Small Press Review, Bukowski Boulevard, etc, which I may sell in the future).

Most items are in very good to excellent condition, though there are 2-3 High Times mags with some wear on the cover and one of the Coastline mags. has loose covers.

I'm selling the whole thing, so please don't pm asking me to offer you a particular item. I don't have the time nor the patience for that right now.

All the basic info is on the following image. Title, plus year, contents and CURRENT CHEAPER price on Abebooks. I know, some of them are way too high ($108 for Then I Gave up, but others are cheaper than on eBay.) Prices in red are my estimates -very low estimates- for those items not available on Abe right now.

Abe price is $1267. I'm asking $900 only. You save a few bucks and you don't have to waste your precious time tracking all these items down. I already did that for you :D

Paypal accepted. Shipping not included, but I'll charge you real postage.

As you can see, I'm not making any money here. I paid slightly less than $900 for all these items and you can get them for roughly the same price without wasting hours and hours on eBay trying to get them as cheap as possible. Keep in mind that most of the items are rare or very rare -some of them are not even on Abe- so I believe this a pretty good deal.

Please pm or Skype me if you're interested.

I'm interested in getting a copy of It Catches. I don't need the best one around, just a nice one -not trashed, though. So if you have an extra copy of It Catches, now it's time to dust it off ;)

I think It Catches plus an agreed amount would be a good trade.
I've been thinking that maybe $900 is quite some money for some people, and you might fear to send the money and never hear from me again. If that's the case, I'm willing to offer the stuff on eBay under the Buy It Now option. I think that's the safest way to go, but Paypal is fine as well.

Also, I'm NOT desperate to sell the stuff now. So if you don't have the money now but you think you will in the near future, drop me a line and we probably can arrange something.
Hi Abel,
Those of us that know you know that you are a person of high ethics and morals. If I needed these, I would have no problem sending you the money up front. Some people are not trustworthy. Cirerita is one of the good ones.

thanks for the good words... but it seems no one is interested in the full set as it is. I guess it's time to say: "Off to eBay", but before doing that I'm willing to offer individual items if you're really interested in them. I'd rather sell the whole thing, but if that's not possible, then I'm open to any other scenario.

Please pm if you want a specific mag.
ok, here's the second list of B items I have for sale. The full lot would be $450, but if you want to get specific items, pm and we'll arrange a fair price ;)
Here's the updated list. I merged the previous listings. More than half of the stuff is already gone!!! I'm no longer trying to sell the lot as it is, so pm if you want any specific item and I'm sure we'll arrange a fair price.


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