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Well, I kinda feel like the ones who come on forums asking can you help me fill in the answers for my report I am doing on so-and-so...because before this week, I didn't know who Charles Bukowski was. I wanted to find out because I am a Jewel fan (you know the chick singer from Alaska) and on her new album, "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" there is a song called "Long Slow Slide", basically about loneliness...anyway there's a line that (ever the name-dropper) Jewel wrote: ...while Bukowski's widow haunts each empty seat on the ferris wheel, ghoulish lovers collide in a collage of kisses that they steal... So I wanted to know A. who is Bukowski, B. did he have a widow, and C. well, no C. So, I got on and did some searching, found some excerpts of some poems (LOVED them) and then came here. I did find out here, that he did have a widow at the time of his death. When I began reading, it seemed to me he was not the marrying kind, so was secretly wondering what Jewel was talking about... then I read he did marry. Jewel does tend to bend the meanings of words (bless her heart, she once used consoled and meant consulted) and here is describing a widow as if the widow were the ghost, anyway, she has a way with words, just sometimes makes them fit HER meanings...I do have some change (two cents to be exact) to add to the topic of poet vs. songwriter, poem vs. lyrics...I believe that songwriters CAN be poets, and good songwriters ARE poets. No, you can't put every poem to music, and you can't read all lyrics as poetry (who would want to), but they are related...they both need a brain, a pen, and occasionally a dictionary...I hope I gave you some laughs, and a little bit of useless information, and would love to return to this thread and find some of your quips, anecdotes, and stories, but please keep all tongue-lashings to yourself.
who's B? good question. probably nobody knows the answer for sure. read all his work and you'll get an idea.

B was married twice -or thrice according to the FBI. He divorced from his first wife back in 1958 and his second wife, Linda B., lives somewhere in San Pedro, Cal.
Elissa said:
I did find out here, that he did have a widow at the time of his death.
She is still alive and kicking and you will read mentions of her here from time to time. This may be the first mention of Jewel though...
Yeah, I read that someone bumps into her at the grocery store...

Hey, why don't I have a "report bad post" button next to my name?
No, I'm not doing a report (thank God), no, I don't want to report myself...just curious about the frickin' button...geez, I said no tongue lashings! Thought ya'll were friendlier than that, see ya!
Anyway, my favorite poet is Poe, has been since 7th grade...The Raven still gives me chills...I like poems that rhyme...

You're right, Jimmy, being an asshole is easy!
Elissa said:
no, I don't want to report myself...just curious about the frickin' button...geez, I said no tongue lashings! Thought ya'll were friendlier than that, see ya!
Jimmy Snerp said:
Amazing some people still think rude is creative There is no skill in being an asshole.
What the fuck? Am I losing my mind? You've got to be kidding, both of you.
Slobodan Burgher said:
Ho ho ho. Great week & great postings.
Agreed, this is THE best thread in a long time. Heh heh.
Worlds are bound to collide on the Internet you know.:p
mjp said:
What the fuck? Am I losing my mind? You've got to be kidding, both of you.

Yes, I was kidding, I really didn't think you guys were that friendly.

cirerita said:
B wrote 3 rhymers that we know of :D

Where can I find these?
Thanks! And I figured out the button thing, duh...

I thought I didn't have a button cuz I'm new, not because I'm ME!
cirerita said:
there are 2 or 3 in the "unpublished & uncollected forum".
Some pretty interesting threads over there, but you forgot to tell me good luck finding the poems...:rolleyes: I'll be back when I have some TIME.

The one about the guy getting the two Buk letters UPS, and needing a drink...that was funny.

cirerita said:
you're certainly you, at least we hope as much.
Yeah, I'm me, for now...but what if one of my other personalities wanted to report me? They would have no way to do that!;) Better not give 'em a reason...
Elissa said:
The one about the guy getting the two Buk letters UPS, and needing a drink...that was funny.

Yeah, that was me,....
Being me :cool:

Goofy and Intoxicated with our Buk.....
But straight heretofore!,

(But being on this wildly swinging wagon,
Well, It's hard not to fall off) :D
uhhhhhh....this thread makes me feel funny...obviously time for a drink. for all of us. you can buy.
zoom man said:
Yeah, that was me,....
Being me :cool:

It was so funny because I could totally sounded like me receiving one of my ebay treasures in the latest addiction... old Life magazines with Marilyn Monroe on them....should this thread even be in this forum anymore?...I keep telling myself I'm done with it, then come back...what am I, a masochist?
I'll have three. did i say that already? i hate to repeat myself...make it four.
In the film "Sideways", Giamatti's character makes mention of Buk. The scene is pretty funny, but I would rather not ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
In the movie Swingers, Jon Favreau's character has a copy of Hollywood on his desk.

and in an episode of "thirtysomething" (don't ask), one of the characters is reading a copy of Burning in Water...
In some tv cartoon, there's a mention of Buk in the credits. Wish I could remember what the cartoon is. It's one of those sophisticated ones aimed at adults, with inside jokes that kids would never get, and yet it's presented as if it's for kids.
Thank you all for letigitimizing (is that a word?) this thread, it was getting a little fault of mine, of course...
Yes, it is a word (legitimatizing). I haven't read Jewel, and have no opinion of her poetry, but I thought it an interesting topic. Thanks for contributing.

David said:
In an episode of the Simpsons, Marge and Homer stumble out of the movie "Barfly" drunk.

Do you which episode that was? Did you see it recently or was it years ago? I would like to see it...
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Thanks for the info Bill! I have the episode (328) I see. I?m going to watch it later...
You?re not the only Simpsons nerd here. I?ve taped all the episodes minus episode 337 and 346 - 353. :)
buk mentioned

well buk was often mentioned by french writer jean genet who said he was the greatest american poet of 20th century.apart from genet,buk is not often mentioned..but that doesnt mean he wasn't a wonderful writer.he probably was too different from anyone else

as mentioned by Bill.

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