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Hello to all, this is my second post here at this Buk haven.

Currently I am hunting down uniquely signed copies of Buk titles. Wonder what the experts think about this. I have my doubts but never saw enough real handwritten stuff (apart from his autographs) from Bukowski to decide, and more so as it is an uncalled one and dated pretty late in his life - where his writing could have been affected by his deteriorating health, compared to his earlier inscriptions. Also Jill might also be a helping factor.

Any advice is much appreciated if I should pull the trigger.

Thanks very much for the quick heads-up, I have no doubts about then. I suspected it but with your confirmation I think I'm going to pass it.

By the way, just received the following response from the seller:

"We do not have absolute proof. We are a thrift store and the book was donated. We have checked Bukowski's signature and it looks authentic to us, also the date on the inscription looks authentic too. We're not 100% sure, but we are fairly certain this is authentic."

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