it began as a mistake (1 Viewer)

was just thinking of buks first novel. autobiographical. everyone's one is that they always say, but 'it began as a mistake.' hah.

my first reading buk began as one. kind of preceding beers to ensue post ham on rye. i also think buk may have been a bit crazy, or more than. i also saw somewhere some people or someone referring to him as... some hindu gods incarnate? like this hindu god who incarnates self every few hundred years or something to play for the mass deliberately a downtrodden soul.. ?

so maybe i'll have a beer or seven or three or two, then have a bike ride somewhere later....


cheers !
I don't know - when first read him (1982) at the age of 17 i thought he was the smartest man, and suspected the whole world and everyone else was crazy. And now, so many years later - I am sure of that.

" a downtrodden..." that's called a blue collar in America. I wouldn't recommend it! So, finish your high-school (with decent grades)

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