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I think discretionary spending is slowing as we watch the economy implode.

It went cheap, for sure. But I would not have paid much more even with the drawing given the condition.
i don't think it was worth it really. well, not to me anyway(pretty bad condition). and the drawing looks suspicious. i was thinking it would sell for a couple hundred...
I agree with James and ROC. I was considering a top bid of $250, but figured it might go for about $300 or a bit more. Pages were dog-eared a bit, and the silver paint spilled on the visible page edges and the drawing was smudged.

But prices have come down some, that's for sure.
Drawing isn't smudged (I think he was going for a dust effect), but it's half torn away, looks like. But the drawing is legit. Who knows what that is on the edges of the other pages, but Bukowski generally signed/drew on that signature page before the book was bound, so odds are it is not his ink.

But overall that thing is beat to shit. I have to agree with james and Purple Stickpin, I don't think it's worth more than $250. I don't think it's a question of the book being worth $461.78 as much as it may be some inexperienced or ill-informed bidders.

But now that dermaface and stnickl are bidding at the same time again, maybe every $100 scrap will start selling for $400. Just like the bad old days.

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