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I am just about ready to release this book. This book contains two amazing short stories, bound tete-beche. The image below shows both front covers. There are only 126 copies and the hardcovers will sell out fast.

Jenni Fagan - IMPILO/The Acid Burn No Face ManShort Stories. 28pp, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches. The cover is letterpress printed in 5 colors on Canson Mi-Tenites Paper. Bound Tete-Beche. Limited to an edition of 126; 26 lettered hardcover copies ($20 + shipping) and 100 paperback copies ($5 + shipping.)

The covers took all day to print. There were a total of 7 runs through the press. I had to double up on two colors to get the perfect color/depth.


This author's first novel, The Panopticon, is coming out in a couple weeks from William Heinemann LTD (in England). It is a great read. Well worth picking up.
Here is the professional photograph of the books (Shot by Ray Nichols and touched up by Tray Nichols).


I just announced this title to my email list. At this point, I only have 7 hardcovers left to sell...

Messed around with photoshop. Had two color printing plates made for the foot (plus one color for the name/title, handset in Meilior.) Had crop marks so that I could get tight registration. For the keyhole, I had the plate made, then handset the type. The covers took a total of 7 print runs. 1 for the center of the foot, 2 for the outline of the foot, 1 for the red title, 1 for the keyhole, 2 for the green title. It was a lot of printing for one day...

ONLY a couple hardcovers left....

it's really a gorgeous cover all around - the color and design are so simple and strong.

what are the plates made of?
We received ours as well, and it's very well done, but if I'm not mistaken the binding smells like used cars.

Haven't had a chance to read the words yet.

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