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This book comes out next week.


Joseph Ridgwell - STORIES

Short Stories. 116 pages. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

An amazing book of twelve short stories from Lit Fiend Joe Ridgwell. With woodcuts by the amazingly talented Jose Pepe Arroyo.

Limited to an edition of 136 copies;

100 copies letterpress printed in two color letterpress printed dust jacket ($15),

26 hardcover copies, quarter-bound in cloth and signed by Ridgwell and Arroyo and ($40) &
10 deluxe copies, the Xilographia edition, Quarter-bound in Morocco and housed in a matching clamshell case that contains a portfolio of 6 woodbock prints (printed letterpress) by Jose Pepe Arroyo. Signed by Ridgwell and Arroyo.($200)

AVAILABLE on JULY 31, 2015
I helped out with some proofreading on this, and I can say without a doubt these are stories are vulgar, profane, depraved, and other words, a helluva good time. And the woodcuts are too! It was a damn fun read -- something a lot for writers (myself included) sometimes forget to do!
Yep, it is a great and disturbing book. Not your grandma's short stories!

This book took a long time to get out. All people involved had big stuff happen that delayed this book. Glad to see it finally come out...


p.s. Here is a woodcut from the book...


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