John Fante and Boulder (1 Viewer)

I think "successful screenwriter" may be a BIT of a stretch. But I guess that home on Point Dume could argue for it... A nice little piece promoting a Wait Until Spring book discussion, anyhow.
Successful may be a relative thing though - he did earn a living at it, though he did not become famous for his screen writing.

Actually, the Wait Until Spring discussion ended up being mostly about Fante's relationship to Boulder. An interesting tidbit is that on of the houses Fante lived in was torn down to expand the Boulder library - in fact the room we had the discussion in was directly on the site of that house.

During the course of discussion, Bukowski's name came up a couple of times and one gentlemen (there were only 5 people that showed up) seemed to know a lot about him. It turns out the that gentlemen is Pierre Callone, father of David Callone. Pierre has lived in Boulder the last five or so years.

So, how can Boulder support a poetry only bookstore, a Beat only bookstore and Naropa University as well as the University of Colorado and have only five people show up to discuss Fante? Maybe I should consider relocating to somewhere a little more hip.

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