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Wow! That's some collection of BSP books you've got, planahea! I've never seen anything like it. I'm sure not many people have that many BSP books. It's an awesome sight!
Do you have all the BSP books? It certainly looks that way!
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planahea, my god! absolutly stunning! I can't blame your friends for wanting to touch them, but I understand, you must watch DROOL around published materials!:) I was getting ready to post about a small find of mine today, you put to shame. I'll tell anyway. Unloading a shipment at work this mornin'(Bookstore), I'm emptying out a box of assortments, and LO!-'Thus Spake The Corpse;an exquisite corpse reader-1988-1998, vols.1 &2. Paperback, mint condition, no remainder markings! $8.98 a piece, not inclucding my discount. I was totally geeked! Their not particularly rare, but they made me very happy just the same! Thank you so much for posting those pics., I think if that cupboard belonged to me, i'd have to kneel before it nightly. CRB:)

BSP published about 700 books and other items, I have about 450 of them. Remember, sometimes there were four editions for a single new title.
What is not shown in the pix are the annual, New Years Greetings. I have all but one of those. I'm missing the very first one.


I explain to my friends that they are to treat my books as if they were my trophy wife, look but don't touch. I do allow drooling at a respectful distance.

Post away, it's all good stuff!

I pass a collection basket to all kneelers in front of my collection. :D

My personal beef with Martin is just that, a personal beef. It doesn't cloud my opinion of his accomplishments, but it does cloud my opinion of him and his business practices.

You have a "beef" with Martin solely because he wanted nothing to do with you and you're a crybaby whiner.

Long live ESOUTOURIC. They give plenty of people a good time and you can't accept that. Fuck you, punk!

San Peh-dro!!!

Seen Linda Lee (Der Bingle) lately?

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