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man, what a zinger - he really got mjp with that one. ouch.

no, really, laughed out fucking loud!

And here's the the rest of us trying to be all measured and polite!

Well just to jump on the bandwagon (of one) and lay my cards on the table (and whatever else stupid clichés you like) - homeless mind - you really are a dickhead.

You're the embarrassing fuckwit that turns up to a party. You weren't invited, you talk shit and bore people with your inane chatter but no one says anything because they don't want things to get uncomfortable... or worse, downright ugly.

Well, it's the internet and I got to the party before you so I don't care any more. You, scribbler, post toxic and the knuckle head recording the concert on an iphone - dickheads!

Pax that!

What I don't see is if you don't care about dickheads like me any more, why are you so mad? You should be all calm and relaxed and ignore those who are
shitstains to you. All you show is insecurity because you have to defend your point of view by insulting those who disagree. And one more thing is false pride because you were here before us. So what? Does that give you the right to blow your shit in my face? No way.
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Man, you need to quit taking this so hard. It's the internet not a TV talk show. Put it in perspective and just enjoy all of the information you have here.
Last time I went to a concert (Celine Dion) I was so shitfaced that I was puking the whole show (I swear, it had nothing to do with the music). What was worse was I was filming the whole time but instead of Celine's (Buk's favorite) face I just have pictures of my vomit hurling through space.
That... Or just piss off.

I am just pissing off the roof top and down there are kids filming me with their cellphones. I can't piss on their phones cause they're clever and step back every time I try. It can be seen on reality schlong porn pee in a minute.
Yeah filming things is er....

wait... this thread is done.
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