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Gecco Logistics Company is looking for new candidates for the shipping
manager position.

I want to work with them, they sent me an agreement, have anyone worked with them ? ?
Yes, I've worked with them... they will rape your wives and daughters and kill your pets. They will eat all of your food. They will piss on your floor. They will set your car on fire. Then, they will paint you red and set you spinning in the middle of the freeway.

My advice... go for it!
It's a kind of sad way to place an ad. Are you really so poor that you have to stoop to this? Well, at least you did'nt try to relate your ad to Bukowski. That's what spammers usually do, but I guess it was too difficult to connect Bukowski to a job offer...
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... I guess it was too difficult to connect Bukowski to a job offer...

HA! haha! - VERY good, Bukfan!
I didn't intend to post on this lame one, but you made me laugh so much, I wanted you to know!
(you see, I even take to give this sucker a valid address just to tell you!)
CHRONIC,when they set you on fire let you go on the freeway is that the 405 or the10?because your ad sounds so much better.Not ad I meant your reply.
well, you see, we react. Gives some entertainment nowandthen.
And - shows Us, what YOU have to deal with, in terms of preventing us from things, EVERY DAY !

Thanks mjp!

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