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This is what Bill was alluding to in another thread.

Imagine our surprise, learning of this former residence of Bukowski! Ha. This could have been the former home of Liza Williams, a record executive that Bukowski saw for a while. She's the one who took him on a "vacation" to Catalina, where he stayed in the hotel room the entire time.

To call this a "residence" of Bukowski's is bullshit though, of course. But real estate agents aren't exactly known for their high standards in regard to truth, dignity, or...well, they aren't really known for anything. And those who sell property in certain areas of Los Angeles are an entirely different breed. Not in a better way.

Maybe establishing it as a Bukowski residence paves the way for historical building designation. ;)

"Cupcakes" brought this to our attention, and sends all her best to the forum members.

Here's a copy of the page, since it's likely to change or disappear eventually (after stnickl buys the place).
How much are they selling the toilet at Santa Anita for? Or is it too exclusive to list?

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Castle? Can you just see someone having a dinner party while they've got a load of underware in the washer, there in the kitchen. The realtor must be.....well a realtor.
What is that 800 sq ft? I know that places in LA are smaller, but in Delaware, you can get a 2000 sq foot house on 1/4 acre for about $200,000. for $1.2M you can a 6,000 sq ft house, with a decent size swimming pool in the back yard, near the ocean, with private beach access and an extra 20 acres in the back for camping, etc. That would probably also pay for an outbuilding (barn) and maybe a place to keep a few horses.

not to brag?

but what i pay for rent in my cockroach hotel, people
may rent whole houses for a hundred miles out in any direction.

yeah the prices look accurate. . .
Pay is certanly lower where I am vs. LA, and most of us live in the smaller houses, but without a damn good job, how would you buy a house? Mortgage on 1.2M is what, $10,000 a month?


You should move out here, Father.....
"Former residence of Charles Bukowski" - I would like to hear what Dianich has to say about that! :D

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