Liza Williams - RIP

For those interested in Liza Williams, I am sorry to report that she died on Monday, May 12 at a nursing home in Queens at the age of 86. She left her apartment on Roosevelt Island several years ago after she was unable to live alone. She was only in contact with her family. myself and one other friend. She had several photographs of her trip with Bukowski to Catalina when they were together. I am hoping that when we go through her few remaining possessions we will find them. I saw on the thread about her that many of her old friends were wondering what had happened to her. She had been in New York since the late '70's. Many ups and downs and adventures, including a solo trip to India. I am trying to piece together her life from the time I met her in 1979.
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Thanks for letting us know!
I hope the photos of her trip with Bukowski to Catalina will be published one day.

R.I.P. Liza Williams.
Hello Judith, thank you for posting. Another forum member directed me to this sad news. I've also been looking for Liza recently.

Here's my original post, maybe you can shed some light on the matter of the native american bowl.


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Like these?
You bet! The only one I´ve seen before is the one with Liza in it.

I'll add the rest (there are 16) to the photos page this weekend. They come from some book. But I don't want to get another DMCA notice from England, so I won't name it here.
That's just awesome! It's not that often we get to see some "new" photos of Buk. Thanks a lot!


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Okay, the rest of them are up there. I took two of the pictures out, since they were just pictures of Liza Williams, and since this thread is about her, here's where they'll go.



One thing I noticed is that all of those pictures aren't from the Catalina trip. I'm pretty sure that at least two of them were taken in Bukowski's DeLongpre apartment, so I captioned them accordingly. Another one (the fast food El Taco picture) probably isn't Catalina either, but I'm not sure so I left the Catalina caption.


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Thanks, mjp! - You're right, two of the photos seems to be from his DeLongpre apartment judging from the decorations on the door and wall.


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Some of these captions are pretty funny, mjp :D

"Cradling a newborn daughter, the result of a one night stand with a mannequin"

"Looking thoughtful, as a serious poet should in a photograph"

"Preparing to throw typewriter into the air and catch it with one hand, a trick Bukowski often performed for visitors"

"Drinking beer before signing 5,836 books for Scott Harrison, 1990s"

"Closing the deal on a pound of herb with a Los Angeles Rastafarian, 1985" (wtf :D)

Are you sure that Image 22 of 85 is DeLongpre, by the way? Looks very much like Carlton Way to me, the half-painted door, the "mustard-striped-chair" (in Cupcakes memoir).


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Are you sure that Image 22 of 85 is DeLongpre, by the way? Looks very much like Carlton Way to me...
You're right, that caption is fixed. I also had a Linda Lee photo tagged as DeLongpre, which was also incorrect since she met him long after he left DeLongpre.
Love the new pics mjp, never seen them before. Especially keen on the day-to-day with the lawn mower and pushing the shopping cart or checking the PO Box. The sports illustrated pose one is quite hilarious!

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Folks who tolerate me on the forum know that I frown upon people who are obsessed with Bukowski's ex-lovers. Having said that, I think Liza was a little different (to say the least) and I think this is worth posting. It's a folio with loose pages laid in between the folded cover. I bought it sight-unseen on ABE and glad I paid the 50 bucks for it. This is supposedly #69 of 500, but I have a feeling not many exist today. Enjoy.