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Looking for an inscribed first of Post Office or Women or Tales... (1 Viewer)

A few decades back when I was in another rehab stint, a dear friend came and visited me with a stack of Bukowski books. That's the kind of guy he was and the kind of cool things he always has done for me.

I finally have a little extra cash and want to find him a really nice first edition to give him when we get together Monday.

I'm hoping to keep in the $1000 range
There's a nice copy of Ham on Rye here in Austin, signed 1st ed. that I can get for $900, vg to nf condition.

I'd kind of prefer this copy of Factotum, but since its on eBay there could always be issues getting it on time and being what I think it is.
A signed Factotum is more scarce than a signed Ham on Rye, but for a gift you might want to go with a favorite of the recipient. Needing it by Monday kind of limits your options anyway.
Thanks for the input and thanks for the reach outs/responses from some members here. I did not end up getting him what I wanted, but I did not overpay badly for what I got him.
I will remain on the lookout for signed 1st of his first four novels, but wait for some more favorable prices.
not being in a rush should allow them to come to me.
Don't try, right?

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