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hello, this is Korean fan of Bukowski

I've read a poem, written on the classical music and the composers..

I can't find the poem on the web...

If there's any body remeber that poem...will you let me know?
Hi, Bill Thanks for your comments..

Truth is the poem has translated into Korean...

But the content is about dropping by the record shop and finding symphony for the first time...

Beethoven is too ~~ Handel is ~~~

Will it be hard to find with this one...

That may be enough to get the experts here moving. As Bill said, there are very many poems about classical music, but what you posted may help. Although the translation issue may hinder progress. I'll take a look over the next day or so.

Meanwhile, why not drop by the "New Blood" forum and tell us a bit about your connection with good old Henry Charles Bukowski.
Thank you. Mr. Purplestick Pin..

As you guess, this is almost the first time I've visited here, I haven't look around enoughly yet.

And yes, if there's new blood forum, I'll gladly leave a message at there.

Thank you for your help again.
The poem you are after might be one called 'classical music and me'. Its quite long.

It appears in the Black Sparrow collection 'The Last Night of the Earth Poems'.

Here are some excerpts:

classical music and me

I have no idea how it began.
as a boy I believed that classical music was
for sissies and as a teenager I felt this even
more strongly.

yes, I think it began in this record
I was in my booth listening to whatever I
listened to
at that time.
then I heard some music in the next
the sounds seemed very strange and
I saw the man leave his booth and
return the record to the clerk.
I went to the clerk and asked for that

[.... snip ....]

I took the record to my booth
and played it.

never had I heard such
unfortunately, I no longer
remember what that
piece of marvelous
music was.

[.... snip ....]

I was hooked.

[.... snip ....]

my tastes were strange.
I liked Beethoven but
preferred Brahms and
Borodin didn't work.
Chopin was only good
at moments.
Mozart was only good
when I was feeling
good and I seldom
felt that

[.... snip ....]

now Mahler is in the room
with me
and the chills run up my
arms, reach the back
of my neck ...
it's all so unbelievably
and I can't read a note of
But I have found a part of
the world
like no other part of the

it gave heart to my
life, helped me get
Thank you Hank Solo.

I also thought it would be that..

but I didn't know where the poem is printed

And couldn't find the text on the web..

Now I feel like relieved.. really thanks...

If I can get chanced, I'm going to get that book 'The Last Night of the Earth Poems'.

Thank you so much..

I'm posting a little late -- way too busy at work last week -- but this is one of many things I love about this site. Hank and so many other people can work with just a little information because they are armed with incredible knowledge.

It's like planting a bread crumb and the next day you've grown a whole loaf.

Here's to my colleagues on bukowski.net ...

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